Before being handed over to you, your truck has been carefully tested and checked by the Manufacturer and Dealer, to make sure that it reflects Foton’s quality.

All trucks require regular servicing. Foton has therefore prepared a service plan for your truck.

We recommend a visit to your dealer at 1,500km to make sure that your truck is operating in accordance with manufacturer specifications. Thereafter, your regular service intervals will be at every 20,000 km or 6 months, whichever occurs first. Please see your owners handbook for details.

In addition to the programmed maintenance provided by your dealer, it is wise to remember that the truck still needs routine care such as topping up the level of fluids and checking the tyre condition for wear, damage & pressure.

In any case, you are reminded that correct maintenance of the truck is certainly the best way to maintain its performance levels, safety features, environment-friendliness and low running costs over the course of time.